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Plemići bay

Field surveys, samples collecting and architecture documentation in Plemići bay

On several occasions in 2016 and 2017 research activities were conducted within Plemići bay by project RED’s team members. The aim was to determin the area on which ancient remains are presend and collect samples of pottery and clay for archaeometric analysis.

Moreover, research activities within Plemići bay are also aimed at better understanding the location of pottery workshops and their relationship with other ancient structures. Thanks to research carried out before in the waters of the bay (Ilkić, Parica 2017) the existance of submerged docking structures has been confirmed, which is, so far, an uniqum in eastern Adriatic workshops.

The activities of architecture documentation allow us to better understand the relationship between terrestrial and underwater remains allowing us to guess the streatching of the complex, but are also key to document the current state of the remains as the coast is very prone to erosion by sea.

More results of these activities are available here.