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Field work at st. Peter (Krk island) and Plemići (Rtina) bays

In early February, within the prepartions for geophysical and archaological, land and underwater, research of potential pottery workshop sites in st. Peter (Krk island) and Plemići (Rtina) bays, members of the RED project research group conducted field reconnaisance and photo documentation.
At st. Peter bay aerial photography and filed survey were of the potential workshop area were conducted, with the aim to define archaological remains of structures and for the needs of a wider interdisciplinary interpretation of the landscape and its reconstruction. Along with defined structure of ancient walls and finds of overfired pottery and kiln’s fragments, potential raw materials sites and natural resorces locations have been determined – mainly clay and water.
Preparations for geophiysics at Plemići bay comprised additional field reconnaisance of the presumed pottery workshop and of the wider area within which prospections are planned, as well as underwater surveys. With the aim to gather additional information on the landscape’s potential, data has been collected from the local inhabitants which aided in the understanding of possible cultivation in the area and the stron geomorphological processes that lead to sever landscape modifications in recent years. Along with surveys, the collection of necessary permits has been carried out.